Getting Started

Create Your Own Bigscreen Environment

Create Your Own Bigscreen Environment

Getting Started

We're excited to introduce the ability to create your own environment in Bigscreen!
By submitting your custom Unity scenes, you can design and share unique virtual spaces. We can't wait to see the incredible environments you build for everyone  to experience in Bigscreen.

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Software Requirements

If you have no prior knowledge of creating environments, it might be helpful to search for some tutorials online to get started. Open-source software like Blender can also be incredibly useful for building assets and models for your environment. For creating Bigscreen environments, you'll need the following operating system and software:

Windows Only

You'll need Windows 10 or Windows 11, as Unity is not supported on macOS. Unfortunately, macOS users will need to use a Windows environment to work in Unity.


Unity is a powerful game development platform where you will build and assemble your scene. You'll need Unity version 2020.3.33f1 or later. You can download Unity here.


Limits and restrictions

As we're just getting started, it's best to join our Discord community to get in touch with the team for any questions or uncertainties. Since Bigscreen runs on both PC and mobile platforms, there are some hard restrictions to ensure compatibility and performance:

- No Extensive Scripting: Avoid using complex scripts to ensure your environment runs smoothly on all devices. An example of allowed scripts would be code that rotates or moves an object such as a decorative fixture. Scripts that attempt to add on to or change Bigscreen core mechanics are not permitted

- Triangle Count Max 120K: The total number of triangles  should not exceed 120,000 to ensure optimal performance on devices like the Quest 2 and Quest 3.

- File Size Limit: Ensure your environment asset files such as meshes, textures, audio, materials, and scene altogether don't exceed 70MB

- No Copyrighted Work: Please make sure you have the rights to use all assets in your environment. Avoid including any copyrighted materials.


Triangles Limit


Total size


Start Creating

Again, we're early on in the process, so we highly recommend you join our Discord community by clicking the button below. 

If you need any help, join the Discord and the team will be happy to assist you. More documentation will be added soon to provide additional support and guidance.

We wish you the best of luck in your creation process and can't wait to see the incredible environments you come up with. Happy building!

Bigscreen Creators Club is the place for Bigscreen developers and community members to collaborate on custom-created environments.

Join the Creator Discord

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A template scene that sets your environment up to work in Bigscreen

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions to help you. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

The headset doesn't turn on.

The headset is on, but I only see white/grey and I don't see VR.

How do I switch the headset refresh rate (75Hz and 90Hz)?

I have an AMD GPU and when I connect my Beyond to my computer, it treats it as an extended desktop instead of a VR device / SteamVR does not recognize the Beyond as a VR headset

Safety guide

Before using Bigscreen Beyond, please review our comprehensive safety guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Download Safety Guide


Review our warranty terms for your VR headset and learn about your coverage 

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