Production Update: Progress with International Shipping

Production Update: Progress with International Shipping

We're back with another update on Beyond's shipping progress, specifically for international customers.

After successfully shipping Bigscreen Beyond to thousands of happy customers in the United States, we began ramping up international shipping over the past couple weeks.

Nearly all 2023 orders from Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands have now shipped. The last remaining orders are expected to ship in the 1-3 weeks.

European Union orders (excluding UK & The Netherlands) from 2023 are still on hold due to ongoing customs work with The Netherlands government and air freight companies. The units have been ready at our factory for months now, and we expect to ship within the next 10 days. Barring any further bureaucratic or customs delays, almost all European Union orders will deliver in mid-March and some will deliver in April.

In fact, all remaining 2023 orders – regardless of country – are expected to ship in March-April. 2024 orders are expected to ship in April as well. Please note these are just our best estimates, and some orders may slip into May due to the unpredictability of quality control, prescription lens production, freight delays, and other factors out of our control.

Customer support response times have improved, now with rapid responses within 1-2 business days

The days of 3-4 week response times are long behind us! Please send your love to our support team for pulling off this feat. We've grown our support team quickly in the past few months and built the necessary software infrastructure to enable excellent support services.

Improving lead times for delivery

Looking back at the past year, I'm really disappointed in our long lead times. For some lucky people, their orders shipped within 1-2 months of placing an order. But most people waited 3-6 months, and some (international) people have been waiting for 12 months! I wanted everybody to get their Beyond a lot faster. The good news is we have ramped up production and resolved nearly all shipping processes. By this summer (est. May), we expect to ship a Beyond within 1-2 weeks after a new order is placed.

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