Production Update: Faster Shipping Times

Production Update: Faster Shipping Times

Over the past year, we've invested heavily in computer vision software, automation technology, and growing our team. As a result, our Los Angeles factory is now able to consistently ship out tons of custom-made VR headsets every single day.

A couple months ago, we announced that all 2023 orders for Bigscreen Beyond have shipped. We've now shipped almost all 2024 orders with a few exceptions.

Our latest shipping times for Bigscreen Beyond are just 1-2 weeks.

Caveat today, this is only true for 55-62mm IPD and 71-72mm IPD headsets. We're out of stock of parts for the 63-69mm IPD range, and we expect to have inventory by the end of June. If you are still waiting for your Bigscreen Beyond, it's likely because your order is an IPD between 63-69mm and it will ship by the end of June/early July.

By July, we expect to have sufficient inventory of all parts and IPDs to have a consistent 1-2 week leadtime for all customers in all supported countries globally.

Audio Strap Update

Earlier this year, we announced that we had shipped the first hundred Audio Straps to initial customers after several rounds of UX improvements and pre-production builds. As previously announced last month, we still expect mass production to run June through August.

We should ship the majority of Audio Straps by late July. Ramping up mass production has taken longer than expected, and we apologize for the significant delays here! The final product will be worth the wait to take ergonomics, sound quality, and comfort to the next level.

If you're curious about the Audio Strap, read this awesome review of the Audio Strap on Mogura in Japan, or watch VRFlightSimGuy's video on it:

In terms of comfort, it's a huge deal. It has made this headset incredibly comfort. It's sumptuous. It's something you don't even think about any more. I've already said Bigscreen Beyond is the most comfortable headset any way. But this takes it up a notch. I love this headset so much.

VRChat Storage Cans Update

VRChat Storage Cans and Bigscreen Beyond Storage Cans will be back in stock next week! If you previously ordered the Storage Cans and missed the first batch of shipments, your order will be shipped in the next 1-2 weeks. The Storage Can is currently not available for sale on our website as we are undergoing website changes.

Storage Cans will be available for sale next week and we will make an announcement. As before, we expect these to sell out within 24 hours of launching it.

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