Production Update and User-Made Environments

Production Update and User-Made Environments

We're back with an important update on production and shipment of the Bigscreen Beyond and our Audio Strap, along with some exciting news about user-created environments. Let's dive in!

Bigscreen Beyond Shipping Times

We announced 1-2 week delivery times in May, but sales grew quickly and we weren't able to consistently stick to the delivery schedule. This growth in sales has since led to us being almost entirely out of inventory. By mid-August we expect to have sufficient inventory of parts to consistently ship custom-made headsets within 1 week of receiving an order.

We're waiting for a new batch to arrive next week in early July. Unfortunately, the July batch is smaller than anticipated due to lens manufacturing delays. Half of pending orders will ship in mid-July and the other half will ship by mid-August.

If you order a headset today, you may receive it within the next couple weeks if you have an interpupillary distance (IPD) within the 55-58mm range. However, for most new customers placing an order today, your headset will ship within 6-8 weeks, by mid-August.

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Audio Strap Update

We have an important update regarding the Audio Strap. While we previously estimated a June release, we've had to adjust our timeline:

  • We had everything lined up for the June production and shipment schedule when a supplier for a single subcomponent alerted us of a delay
  • Mass production is now scheduled to begin on July 29th. Our production line is set up and our team is trained and ready to go
  • The first mass production batches will begin quality checks in early August
  • Global shipping (including international orders) will commence in mid-August, with orders fulfilled based on preorder purchase date
  • Based on current preorder volumes, we'll be able to produce and ship Audio Straps for all orders received so far in early October

While we regret the delays, we know the final product will be worth the wait. Besides great Koss-engineered sound, the feedback we've gotten as we've given early units to testers and customers has been consistent with Mogura VR's writeup in March:

the omission of the small but large hassle of putting on the headset and then putting on the headphones, removing the headphones and then putting on the headset overwhelmingly makes the VR experience itself comfortable.

Ready to enhance your audio experience? Pre-order the Audio Strap now to receive yours in October.

User-Made Environments in Bigscreen

While many of you know us for the Bigscreen Beyond headset, we started as a small software team building the Bigscreen app for playing traditional "flat" PC games, watching movies, and hanging out with friends in VR. From a penthouse suite to a movie theater, our team would build cool spaces for those different ways to spend time with friends and resizable virtual screens.

For the first time in Bigscreen's history, in recent weeks we've introduced some remarkable new environments created by our Bigscreen Creators Club members:

  1. Arc Max by ArcNT
  2. Blue Modern Theater by Richie
  3. Lecture Hall 42 by Mephisto
  4. Big FC by HazardousApples
  5. Apartment 284 by Seikatsu84
  6. Volcano Cave by MarkRaub
  7. Coral Cove by NoxRabbit
  8. Masjid Al-Ummah by Abo5aled

Coral Cove by NoxRabbit

These environments are now available in the Bigscreen app across all major VR platforms. We can't wait for you to explore these creative spaces and to introduce even more varied places to spend time in the weeks ahead.

Interested in joining our creator community? Visit our Discord server and learn more about the Bigscreen Creators Club. We're always excited to welcome new talent to our growing network of Unity developers.

Looking Ahead

Your enthusiasm and support continue to drive our work. We're constantly refining our production processes and are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way.

For any questions, concerns, or just to connect with fellow VR enthusiasts, join us on the Bigscreen Beyond Discord server. Our team and community members are always ready to help and chat about the neat things they're doing with their headsets.

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