Production Update: New Estimated Schedule, Details About Quality Control

Production Update: New Estimated Schedule, Details About Quality Control

As we expected in our last production update, our shipping pace in October was dramatically slower than September because we shifted the team to resolve production bottlenecks, build additional calibration machines, and work on-site at our factories

In the past month, we've accomplished a lot! Most importantly, we successfully implemented new manufacturing/calibration machines on the production lines. Our production rate has also improved by running day and night shifts. In order to get Beyond in your hands even faster, we've opted for expensive air freight – several flights per week – rather than using cheaper but slower forms of transportation.

Production is ahead of schedule

As a result of this work, shipping volume has picked up significantly. For context, in the past 24 hours alone, we have shipped as many units as we shipped in the entire month of September. Compared to September's production rate, we expect to ship 10 times more units in November, and nearly 20 times more in December. This pace of production will continue into 2024.

Good news: we're ahead of schedule for most orders compared to the estimated schedule we shared last month. USA preorders placed in February-May – previously estimated to ship in Q3 – are expected to be shipped by November 17 or earlier.

The earliest international preorders (ex. from February-May) are most likely to ship in December, but it may take longer than expected for it to arrive to your house. This is due to significant unpredictability and extreme holiday surcharges on shipping from Los Angeles to international locations. A variety of factors – flights, customs, local shipping, etc. – may experience delays. We'll do everything in our ability to get international orders delivered on time in Q4, and I apologize in advance if there are any holiday shipping delays.

Quality Control – why individual orders may ship faster or slower

In order to produce world-class devices, we've invested heavily in quality control. First, components, subassemblies, and headsets get inspected in a series of manual and automated steps in our overseas manufacturing facilities. Additionally, our team in Los Angeles currently tests every single completed headset before it ships to customers. We also inspect every prescription lens to ensure an optimal comfort and viewing experience.

While a large volume of orders continues to ship regularly, a small number of orders may get delayed slightly. This is typically due to mistakes caught by quality control. As a custom-made product, it takes time to fix or manufacture new devices. In other instances, small delays to a person's order may occur if we temporarily run out of inventory of a specific headset size (IPD) in a given week.

Incredible reviews of Bigscreen Beyond

In the past month, we've also seen several major technology reviewers publish reviews of the Bigscreen Beyond.


Engadget published a review saying "the Bigscreen Beyond is miraculous. It's the most comfortable VR solution I've ever tested. It also has some of the sharpest displays I've ever seen. Somehow, a small VR app company built a truly compelling upgrade from the Valve Index." Read the full review here.

LonelyViper, a popular Twitch streamer and VR content creator, published a video review of playing Ghosts of Tabor with Bigscreen Beyond. Right away, he achieves multiple max-range kills thanks to the insane clarity of the Beyond.


Thrillseeker dropped his in-depth Bigscreen Beyond review after using the headset extensively over the past year. He highly recommends it for VR enthusiasts, saying "man...the comfort, clarity, and overall experience is like using a headset from the future." Most interestingly, his entire video was recorded with the high quality microphones built into the Bigscreen Beyond!


Sebastian from MRTV also reviewed the Bigscreen Beyond, and calls out the gorgeous packaging. “In my opinion, it does come in the sexiest box, the best packaging that I've ever seen for a VR headset. It's so small, looks so premium with the golden Bigscreen logo." Sebastian was shocked by how much the final headset has improved since the early prototypes he tested months ago, and praises the large field of view, edge to edge clarity, and other optical improvements.

Happy customers posting their own reviews

After shipping hundreds of units to early preorder customers in September, we've started to see customer reviews pouring in. Customers say Beyond is "The New PCVR King" and "Best PCVR headset I've used to date".

Freddy J. says "I do everything VR from social like VRChat to serious sim racing like Assetto Corsa to even sim trucking like American Truck Sim. I have never felt so immersed in a driving game ever."

Starky plays Half-Life: Alyx in Bigscreen Beyond and says "I have never been so petrified in VR and this is the second time playing this game. But holy **** the OLED with this headset. The lights go out and it’s DARK. This is immersion at its finest." 

If you've received a Beyond, please post a review on our store page! We publish all the reviews – good or bad – so potential customers can get honest impressions from real users. All of us on the Bigscreen team are thrilled to see the community have such an incredible time with the Beyond, and we can't wait for more of you to receive your Beyonds and experience this for yourself.

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