Face Scan Guide: Detailed Steps, Tips, and tricks

Face Scan Guide: Detailed Steps, Tips, and tricks

Welcome back to another edition of the Bigscreen Beyond newsletter! This time around, we'll be focusing on some tips and tricks for the scanning process we use to make each cushion a perfect fit for the user.

3D Face Scans

As we mentioned in the last Development Update, we’ve started sending out 3D Face Scan emails. These emails are in random order, and not representative of the shipping order. If you haven’t received one yet, don’t worry – you’ll get it in the next couple months as we approach your build date.

How to scan

The scan starts by asking you to stare at the phone's camera.

  • Then, you slowly turn your head 90-degrees to the left.
  • Then, you slowly turn your head back to face the camera.
  • Then, you slowly turn your head 90-degrees to the right.
  • It ends after you slowly turn your head back to face the camera.

After that, you do a second scan for your interpupillary distance.

  • First, you look at the camera for a few seconds. It takes a photo.
  • Second, without moving your phone, it asks you to look at an object couple meters away in the distance. It takes a second photo. It will display this photo to confirm. This is how we measure your far IPD.

Make sure to tap “Scan Complete” to finish uploading your scan. Within a week after your scan, you’ll be receiving a Confirmation Email to let you know that we’ve successfully received your scan along with your measured IPD.

Tips and tricks

  • Scan in a room with even lighting across your face. Don't scan in a dark room, and don't scan with one side of your face having too much light.
  • Always hold your phone at eye level.
  • No eyeglasses. Please remove your glasses before scanning.
  • No hair near your eyebrows or eyes. If you have long hair, tuck it away using a hair tie. The photo below is a good example of a common hairstyle which causes problems with Beyond's face scan. Our cushion rests around your eyebrows and close to your eyes, so any hair here will create an incorrect face scan.

Common scenarios

  • If you don't have an iPhone, you can borrow one from a friend or family member, or visit an Apple Store. Your 3D Face Scan email will contain a unique link tied to your headset, as well as a QR code. Open that link, or scan the QR code with your friend's iPhone to begin.
  • iPhone or iPad Pro with FaceID is required. Here's a list of iPhones and iPads that support Face ID (note: the iPhone X is not supported). If you're using an iPad to scan, disable "Request Desktop Site" if the app doesn't open.

Having problems with your 3D Face Scan?

Make sure to follow the requirements below.

  • Safari is required Don't use Chrome or other browsers as this app only launches in Safari.
  • Update your iOS to the latest version, at least iOS 16.2 or the latest available version
  • Disable Private Browsing in Safari or the app won't load. If you use a demo phone at the Apple Store for your face scan, note that the Apple Store's phones have Private Browsing enabled by default in Safari and it will need to be disabled.
  • Disable Ad or Cookie Blockers. Some Safari ad or cookie blockers can prevent the app from launching.
  • App Store required. Although the 3D Face Scan process doesn't download an app from the App Store – it just works inside the Safari browser – access to the App Store is still required. If your phone cannot download apps from App Store restricted from downloading apps (ex. corporate networks, parental controls, jailbroken devices, etc.), you may not be able to load the app. Make sure to login to the App Store with your Apple ID in order to download apps.
  • Use an iPhone only in supported countries. As of August 2023, we currently only support face scanning in the countries we ship to (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, UK, and the EU). We expect to release the face scanning app in more countries as we expand shipping. If you try to face scan on an iPhone that is registered to a different country, it may not load the app. You may be able to scan if you change which country your App Store is registered to.

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