Q3 Production, Shipping Schedule, 3D Face Scanning, and the New Audio Strap.

Q3 Production, Shipping Schedule, 3D Face Scanning, and the New Audio Strap.

Welcome to another Bigscreen Beyond development update! In this issue we talk about production schedule, Audio Strap progress, and sending out the very first 3D face scan emails.

Production Update - Q3 Waves Full, New Orders In Q4
We’re thrilled to see a massive increase in demand for Bigscreen Beyond after recent updates. The Q3 production waves are full, and subsequent orders for US customers will ship in Q4 2023. Production remains on schedule, and we expect the first waves of deliveries to ship to customers in the United States in Q3 2023.

3D Face Scan Emails Rolling Out
In anticipation of shipping the first waves of production units in Q3 2023, we’ve started to email customers with a link to perform their 3D Face Scan. Emails are rolling out in small batches at a time, and not all at once. The 3D Face Scan requires an iPhone XR or newer, or iPad with FaceID. iPhone X is not supported.

As we’re ramping up production this summer, you should expect to receive an email for your 3D Face Scan 1-4 months before your custom-made headset ships. In the future, the time between face scan and headset shipment will get faster (ex. 3-6 weeks).

As a reminder, to optimize for comfort and immersion in virtual reality, Bigscreen Beyond is custom-built to the unique shape and size of a customer’s face and eyes. This is achieved using a 3D Face Scan and cutting-edge computer vision technology. The scan creates a millimeter-precision map of the face. This is used to create a face cushion that fits perfectly for improved weight distribution and total immersion with no light leakage. The scan also measures interpupillary distance (the distance between your eyes), and the headset is built exactly to the position of the eyes for optimal visual clarity.

Audio Strap Update
Development on the Audio Strap is progressing well and we’re excited to announce that we kicked off production tooling a few weeks ago. We plan to unveil more details and demonstrate the experience in August or September.

The Audio Strap accessory is a significant improvement in ergonomics and comfort compared to the default Soft Strap. It cups the top and back of the head, enabling Beyond to float on your face. This reduces pressure on the face and nose, and makes Beyond feel even lighter. The rigid strap and adjustable dial make it easy to find the perfect fit, and the built-in on-ear headphones provide high-end audio and powerful bass. Built-in audio makes it easier to get in and out of VR, without needing a separate audio solution.

The Audio Strap remains on schedule and is expected to ship to customers in late Q4 2023. If you haven't preordered your Audio Strap yet, grab one here.

That's all for this update; we're continuing to make great progress every day, so stay tuned for more soon!

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