Bigscreen Beyond 3D Models Unveiled: CAD, Papercraft, and 3D-Printable files

Bigscreen Beyond 3D Models Unveiled: CAD, Papercraft, and 3D-Printable files

Welcome to another edition of the Bigscreen Beyond newsletter! In this issue, we're giving you a look at three 3D models that we recently made available to the public. These downloads offer everything you need to get started on all kinds of personal projects, including modding the hardware, making repairs, or even building a true-to-scale Beyond replica out of paper!

The CAD Model: True-to-Life Data
The CAD model is a large STEP file containing all of the high-precision geometry we use to manufacture the Beyond itself. If you're a modder, a maker, or just curious about the physical details of the headset, this model will be a valuable resource. This model can be used to explore the intricacies of the headset, build modifications, or even manufacture replacement parts.

The Papercraft Model: Quick, Fun, Crafty
This model isn't for those interested in the nitty-gritty internal details; this model is for the fast and the curious. Our Papercraft edition can be printed on flat paper and then folded into your very own paper Beyond. This quick craft project is the fastest way to holding a true-to-scale Beyond model in your hands.

The 3D Printable Model: Plastic & Fantastic
Lastly, we're releasing a 3D-printable model. Unlike the CAD model, this version offers lighter, simpler geometry built for quick and easy fabrication on any modern 3D printer. If you want a true-to-scale Beyond and prefer plastic over paper, this model is for you.

Whether you're learning, building, modding or playing, we're excited to see what you do with these models. Stay tuned for more updates!

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